Carpet Cleaning

In 1984, Leroy Smith hired a carpet cleaning company to clean a sofa that had been soiled with cookies and riddled with crumbs. Since he was not present during the cleaning, he arrived after the worker was paid and gone. He was shocked, however, to find his sofa soaking wet and couldn't help but notice that most of the cookie crumbs were still there. Shocked, stunned, and upset, he questioned how any company could do such a terrible job. To add insult to injury, he learned that the company’s worker had invested a mere fifteen minutes to complete the work.
Surely, he thought, customers deserve better!  For that reason, he decided to open his own carpet cleaning company and vowed to do business ethically and to always strive to exceed the expectations of his customers.
Twenty-four years later, Leroy Smith is still committed to the goal of running an ethical business and is ever striving to exceed his customers expectations.

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